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What you can expect when Fishing on the Norfolk BroadsPlease remember that when fishing on the Norfolk Broads, the closed season applies to all the Broads and rivers from 14th March to 16th June inclusive.

The Norfolk Broads offers a great range of fishing for anglers of all experiences and ages. Fishing is a great past time that can be enjoyed on your own, with friends or with your children. The Norfolk Broads is 300sqkm and is one of the best-known and well-loved fishing spots in the country.

You can fish from your boat or there are also places where you can moor up and fish as well as some great fishing platforms. If you are fishing in private waters you must ensure you have permission and/or the correct ticket. If you are fishing from your boat you should always wear a life jacket.

You must have a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence to fish on the waters of the Norfolk Broads if you are aged 12 or over. These are available from post offices or can you buy one online from the Environment Agency website.

Fish that you may catch when fishing on the Norfolk Broads include:

Roach – These are a favourite species for coarse anglers and are commonly found between 2 and 10oz. Float fishing or a stick float are recommended using bait such as casters, bread, maggots and sweetcorn.

Perch – These average 4-12oz and float or ledger fishing are recommended using worms, maggots, casters or small fish.

Carp – These can be found weighing between 10 and 20lb and can be caught using float, ledger or feeder. Baits include corn, meat, bread and pellets.

Pike – These are common around all rivers on the Broads where plenty of 20lb fish may be found. Float fishing using freshwater or sea fish baits and artificial lures.

Rudd – These arrange between 4 and 10oz and it is recommended to use float fishing with sweetcorn, casters, bread or maggots.

Tench – 3-4lb fish are usually found on the Thurne and Trinity Broads. Float fishing using bread, maggots, casters, sweetcorn, worms, groundbait and hemp are usually recommended.

Bream – These are abundant on the Broads. Catches of over 100lb have been known. 2-4lb fish are commonplace. Float fishing and legering are recommended with baits of bread, maggots, casters, sweetcorn, worms and groundbait.

Other species you may find include Flounder, Bass, Grey Mullet, Goby and Trout.