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A First for Richardson’s Boating – Get Ready for Baby Rio!

We’re delighted to announce that two holidaymakers who booked a break with us earlier this year are expecting their first child – and plan to name him after the boat they spent their break on!

County Durham residents Barry and Bekki Broxson married in Bearpark on May 5th this year, and set off from our Stalham boatyard on May 7th for a week-long honeymoon on Rio. “Barry and I aren’t huge fans of flying, so we didn’t want to go abroad, but we wanted to do something much more interesting than just stay in a B&B,” Bekki, 31, explains. “We’re also huge transport enthusiasts – even though I’ve got no driving licence, I’m really interested in bus-spotting. Barry loves his lorries and cars, and he was really keen on driving the boat – I’ve got loads of pictures of him steering the boat down the river!”

The couple enjoyed an idyllic honeymoon on the Broads, spending most of it relaxing on board Rio and taking in the scenery. “We went to The Museum of the Broads and had some tapas, which was great,” says Barry, 37. “However, we loved spending time on Rio. The boat was really roomy, and very comfy – ideal for honeymooners!”

Bekki and Barry aren’t hugely keen on crowded airports and busy beaches, so their week on Rio enabled them to totally relax. “Barry can vaguely remember being on a boat as a child, and I’ve only ever been on very small boats, so it was new for both of us!” Bekki smiles. “However, it was so easy to get into the swing of things. Everyone we met was very friendly – it was just a brilliant holiday, and the perfect way to start our marriage.”

Bekki discovered she was pregnant two weeks after returning home, and was delighted when she and Barry were told their baby had been conceived on their honeymoon. “The hospital narrowed the date down to May 7th, which was our first night,” Bekki says. “It was Barry’s idea to call our baby Rio – even if we had been told we were expecting a girl, we’d still have stuck with the name. Our son’s full name will be Rio John Broxson, as lots of men in our family are called John – we thought we’d stick with some traditions!”

Baby Rio is due on Monday 28th January, and Bekki and Barry are planning on taking their son on a very special boating holiday when he’s a bit older. “We’ll definitely be taking our son to meet his namesake!” Bekki laughs. “Staying on Rio was a stress-free holiday for us as a couple, and a boating holiday will be great for us when we’re a family.”