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Where to Go with the Dog in the Southern Broads: Reedham

It can be difficult knowing where to go with the dog in the Southern Broads. Often missed by visitors, the southern Broads are a stunning area, and are the only way to navigate to Norwich by boat. Our long experience in providing visitors with ideas and help in enjoying the Broads, along with our pet friendly cruisers, means we know where to go with the dog in the Southern Broads!

Reedham, a peaceful village on the River Yare stretch of the southern Broads, is a great place to stop and explore with the dog if it’s serenity you’re after. On the riverside is the Ship, a dog-friendly pub with a delicious menu. Enjoy a drink or two in the pub’s main room, play pool in the intimate bar, or enjoy sitting at the table for a delightful meal. The pub also has a large beer garden, complete with children’s play area and covered seating area. You don’t have to worry about the pooch running off and jumping into the river either, as a safety fence is in place so you can enjoy Reedham’s swing bridge and watch the boats go by with complete ease.

For a relaxing walk, take a stroll along Holly Farm Road and find a woodland path next to the railway bridge. There are two paths here, one that goes along beautiful Norfolk fields and another that takes you down into the depths of the woodland where the dog will love exploring!

The village is quite small and receives little traffic, so great for taking the dog on a walk around the village and exploring.