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Taking your Dog on a Boating Holiday

There’s nothing more heart breaking than booking your holiday – but knowing that your beloved pet won’t be able to come with you. Happily, Richardson’s knows that families want to holiday together, so we’re pleased to announce that your dog can hop aboard with you!

A Norfolk Broads boating holiday is the perfect break for both you and your dog. The peace and tranquillity, taking life at your own place, plus some of the best walks you can find.

Taking your dog on holiday reduces stress levels for everyone, including your pet, but it’s also much easier on your finances. The average price* of housing your dog in a kennel for a week is £120; you can reduce your costs to just £35 per week/short break if you’re bringing your pet on a Richardson’s boating holiday. That’s a huge saving before you’ve even left the house!

So, forget all about expensive kennels and separation anxiety, and start packing your pet’s favourite toys! We hope to see you and your four-legged friends having a great time on our boats this summer.


What do I need to bring with me?

Think about all the things you use at home – food, bowls, bedding, lead, collar, doggy bags, life jacket and a towel in case your friend decides to go for a paddle! Depending on the time of year you are coming on holiday you may even need a doggy jumper for cooler evenings.

Is there anything I should be mindful of?

It is best to keep your dog away from anglers as they may disturb them or even get injured by fishing lines and hooks. It is also best to keep your dog on a lead when on walking and cycling routes if your dog is not the most obedient! And, of course, be mindful of native wildlife as you do not want your dog to disturb wildlife especially in breeding seasons.

It is also best to stop your dog drinking from rivers and swimming as the water is not clean and a lot colder than you may think. Your pet could also become entangled in weed beds.

If you’d like more information on booking a break that includes man’s best friend, please give Richardson’s a call on 01692 668 981.

* Averages based on kennel prices listed on