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Windmills and Windpumps of the Norfolk Broads

The Broads are famous for their wonderful windmills and windpumps. These amazing structures catch the eye of anyone on a Norfolk Broads boating holiday and some are open to the public for those who want a peek inside.

Berney Arms Windmill – This is one of the highest on the Norfolk Broads. It is located at Berney Arms on the River Yare. It was built in 1865 to grind cement but in 1883 it started to be used to drain the marshes. Access is by pre-arranged booking only – please ring 01493 857900 for details.

Boardman’s Windmill – This drainage windmill can be found at How Hill on the River Ant. It was built in 1897. It is a timber trestle mill and is one of only three left on the Norfolk Broads.

Brograve Mill – This is located at Waxham, 1 mile north of Horsey Mere.  It was built in 1771 but today only two stocks and two stubs remain.

Clayrack Drainage Mill – This is a hollow post drainage mill that was originally at Ramworth Broad but has since been relocated to the River Ant near How Hill.

Horsey Windpump – this windpump was working until it was hit by lightning in 1943 but has since been restored. The windpump site is on Horsey Staithe and is open to the public typically from March to October.

Hunsett Mill – This is on the River Ant just 1.2 miles south of Stalham.  It was built in 1860. The Mill Keepers Cottage sits right next to the windmill and has recently been restored and together these are one of Norfolk’s most photographed images.

Lambridge Mill – Located at Sea Palling. It is thought to have been built around 1865. The mill is in a derelict state today.

Lockgate Mill – Located 2 miles west of Great Yarmouth this mill is thought to have been built between 1800-1825 under the name of Freethorpe Mill. Access to the mill is now prohibited.

Mutton’s Mill – Located at Freethorpe.

Palmer’s Drainage Windmill – Located close to Upton. This is a hollow post drainage mill which was moved in 1976 from its original home of Acle.

St Benet’s Abbey – This was a Norfolk monastery founded in the Anglo-Saxon period. The wind pump was later added in the second half of the 18th century. Ruins of the gatehouse and windpump are now all that remains. This is a popular attraction for many Norfolk Broads boaters!

Stracey Arms Windpump – This is located at Tunstall built in 1883. It is open to the public during the spring and summer.

Swim Coots Mill – Located at Catfield it was built in the early nineteenth century. It was working until the late 1930s and has since been restored.

Thrigby Windmill – This was built around 1790 to grind wheat on the Thrigby estate. It is a post windmill.