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Norfolk and Suffolk Slang Guide

We love the Broads National Park – it is full of stunning sights, wonderful wildlife and is a fantastic place to spend a few days or a week relaxing! These beautiful wetlands spread across two counties – Norfolk and Suffolk – and both counties have some phrases and terms which people not native to the area may think is confusing! Read on to find for our Norfolk and Suffolk slang guide!


Lummox – a clumsy person
“A lummox like you should wear a buoyancy aid even when sleeping!”

Barney – an argument
“Don’t get into a barney with the bridge pilot – his word his final!”

Zackly – exactly
“Zackly what I said – go into the cockpit whilst we go under Wroxham bridge.”

Bor – boy or neighbour
“Grab that rope and moor up the boat bor.”

Shink – should think
“I shink you should be wearing your buoyancy aid, bor!”

Suffen – something
“There’ll be suffen to do in Ludham I shink.”

Blarin – crying
“Stop your blarin – the mud weight isn’t that heavy!”


Dawdle – idling
“Don’t dawdle – help me moor up the boat.”

Duzzy Woop – silly fool
“You duzzy woop – I said port, not starboard!”

Rigmarole – long winded story
“Skip the rigmarole and just put your buoyancy aid on.”

Wurrygut – someone who always worries
“You great big wurrygut, boating on the Broads is simple!”

Woolgathering – absent minded
“Stop your woolgathering and pay attention to the river speed limit.”

Thasa Rum Un – that’s strange
“Thasa rum un, I swore we left the boat moored here.”