Pettitts Animal Adventure Park

Located in the southern Broads, Reedham is home to Pettitts Animal Adventure Park. A great place to visit if on a longer holiday with young children on one of our boats, Reedham is a 6-7 hour cruise from Stalham.

What you can expect during your visit to Pettitts Animal Adventure Park

Located in the quiet village of Reedham, along the Northern bank of the River Yare, Pettitts Animal Adventure Park is easily accessible by foot from the riverside at a 20-minute walk through the village. Moor up at the riverside in the village, or at Reedham Marina a 5-minute walk from the main riverside.

Fantastic for children, Pettitts Animal Adventure Park has a variety of gentle rides, different types of animals to see (and sometimes cuddle!) as well as live entertainment from bubbly Bingo the Clown and Maxi Mouse!



Meerkats at Pettitts Animal Adventure ParkPettitts Animal Adventure Park is home to a number of animals, including Alpacas, Zebu Humpback Cows, Marmoset monkeys, and a variety of parrots. There are also a number of domestic animals, including rabbits and guinea pigs. There are sessions throughout the day where the children can meet the rabbits and guinea pigs!

Throughout the park there are animals to see, from different types of owls and birds of prey to pigs, lemurs and racoons to meerkats, and more. There’s also a small petting area where you can choose to feed the goats through the designated holes in the fence, or go inside the pen with them and interact with the animals.



Designed for smaller children, Pettitts Animal Adventure Park also has a number of gentle rides for kids to enjoy. With classic rides such as the Cup and Saucers and Pirate Ship, to the Rocky Roller Coaster Mine Train, Flying Elephants, and Toy Ride, the littles ones are sure to love choosing which ride to go on next! There is also an inflatable Bouncy Castle, as well as a Toad of Toad Hall vintage car ride and Alice in Wonderland train ride, and Pettitts’ very own half-mile miniature train ride around the park.



Play Areas

Out of the things to do in the Southern Broads, Pettitts Animal Adventure Park is a winner for those with young children.There is also a small area of the park for play areas, from an enclosed ball pit to their JCB Sand Pit and construction slide, as well as a miniature crazy golf course*. There is also a number of coin-operated* play areas such as Pettitts Driving School, Aquablaster, Tractors, Toy Boats, and Toy Cars. Throughout the day there is a Chicken Show, where chicken mechanical-puppets perform for the children, as well as a large wooden Robin Hood adventure playground.


Throughout the park there are picnic areas if you want to bring your own food for lunch, or Palms Café is at the entrance to the park serving hot food such as burgers and chips, as well as Maxi Snax by the entrance to the ride area. There is also a large gift shop serving sweet treats such as ice cream and fudge as well as souvenirs to take home.

Last reviewed 11 September 2017. Please check with service provider before travelling for correct information. Photo of Welcome to Pettitts Animal Adventure Park
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