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What the Winter Brings at Richardson’s

Richardson’s may be closed to holidaymakers but the boating team are as busy as ever! So what is happening this winter at the Stalham boatyard?

Well, the designing and building of new boats continues. 2011 saw the launch of the first of our new boats, The Broadsman, 62 years after Mr. Richardson designed and built his first hire boats. All development, plug work, mould making and moulding etc. is carried out in house by a full time team. To date 12 new boats have been built and launched with a cost of  £2 million. We are continuing with our development in new boats with £1m being invested in another 6 new boats. This includes 2 new models, the first of which is a baby Broadlander and this is being built as we speak. This new boat will be named Broadway and will be released for 2014 and another is in development available for 2015.

In our numerous sheds and hangers our entire fleet is under maintenance. What must be remembered is that maintenance is carried out throughout the season as and when required. However, in the winter months every single boat – over 300 – comes out of the water. In one hanger there are 26 boats at any one time which are inside for roughly 10 days. The other large hanger houses the Acle maintenance team with 13 boats inside at any one time which equates to 4 haul-outs. Prisma and Far Horizon are lifted at Horning Marina for their winter checks.

All boats have their hulls and water lines repainted. Some boats are painted all over. Some get new screens and where required windows are repaired and replaced. All rudders and under-water gear is checked and we replace anything bent and worn bearings. All boats have an oil change, filters changed and anti-freeze levels checked. 64 boats are having new teak and holly flooring and we have a full time upholsterer making repairs and any new upholstery that is needed. Routine engine checks are made and 6 boats are having new engines fitted.

Most laundry is also carried out in house throughout the season but winter means all curtains are sent through our laundry service too. We replace roughly 100 sets of curtains each year!

Boat sales continue through the winter months and we also provide hard standing for private owners. Our Kingfisher Quay is having all of its decking replaced and The Moonfleet base is also busy with private work.

The bookings team are also busy as ever as are the head office teams so as far as winter is concerned it is “business as usual” at Richardson’s.