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The Making of the Richardson’s TV Advert

Take 3 days, a family of 4, a film crew, a pair of boats and Pirate Richie and you have the new Richardson’s TV commercial!

Storyboarding the commercial took quite some time – deciding which angle to take on the advert and how to get the fun of a boating holiday across in 30 seconds was not easy. After many drafts we finally had our storyboards ready for filming. Adverts were to be created both featuring and not featuring Pirate Richie to suit varying viewer demographics.

The Broadsman was the boat of choice and the filming started at Horning. Before filming could begin it was make-up time and everyone in the family had their turn (Richie already looked glamorous enough!).

The film crew arrived with all kinds of camera equipment and filming commenced.

We started on the river with the opening scenes and then it was off to the Ferry Inn in Horning to film the restaurant shots. Once the scenes were shot at Horning we headed to Cockshoot Broad. Here the rowing dinghy came into action as did the aerial drone. This amazing piece of equipment got some great aerial shots over the water.

Next came some more action shots with the family and Richie.

Getting Richie into the dinghy was a slight challenge but he made it and the family set off rowing down the river. After this it was time for a short walk down the river’s edge and back on board to get some more cruising footage.

Scenes were also shot at the seaside town of Great Yarmouth where Richie even got to go on the giant slide!

Throughout the advert the goal was to create a snapshot of the variety of things that can be enjoyed on a Norfolk Broads holiday – whether man, woman, child or monkey! It’s all about nature, calm cruising, amazing scenery, family fun, great food and being captain of your own boat. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it!