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Holidays in the Broads National Park: Houseboats in the Broads

Norfolk is beautiful within its own right, with over 90 miles of gorgeous coastline, beautiful rural countryside, and stunning country houses and mansions that are a treat for the eyes. On top of this, Norfolk is also home to the upper channels of the Broads National Park, a man-made National Park with stunning views, rare wildlife, and miles and miles of navigable waterways.

Often, visitors to the Broads National Park choose to explore the waterways by cruiser, and at Richardson’s we have over 300 hire boats and over 70 years’ experience helping people enjoy the Broads, so we know a thing or two about the natural beauty of the Broads and the many ways visitors can enjoy it.

Houseboats are the midpoint option between boat and lodge. If you’d prefer to have a set place to rest at the end of the day rather than cruise from destination to destination, but want the experience of the Broads National Park up close and personal, then houseboats are a fantastic option. Without thinking about mooring, navigating the rivers, or journey times, a houseboat makes for a great basecamp and gives you the option to bring the car along and explore the Broads National Park this way, benefiting from shorter travel times, whilst enjoying sleeping and waking up on the waters of the Broads each day. Plus, if you want to explore the waters of the Broads then this is possible by dinghy!

Richardson’s used to own and operate the boatyard known as Moonfleet Marine, adjacent to our Stalham Marina, where houseboats are located. This location, along with the houseboats, is now owned and operated by Simpson’s Boatyard who you can contact here.