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Norfolk Nature Reserves

Have an interest in nature?  The Norfolk & Suffolk region is brimming with nature reserves for you to explore.

Ranworth Broad – Ranworth

Part of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, this attraction will appeal to both dedicated nature lovers and families alike – with special children’s ‘Wildlife Detective’ bags available for hire. Take a stroll along the boardwalk to pass through a variety of wildlife habitats. It will lead you to the novel floating Broads Wildlife Centre where you can enjoy refreshments and a stunning view over Ranworth broad.

Hickling Broad National Trust Reserve – Hickling

This nature reserve is perfect for visiting by boat. The reserve comprises a variety of open water, fen, reedbed and marsh wildlife habitats which you can experience from a nature trail and boardwalk. Whilst you are here you can expect to see a fine selection of Broadland wildlife, including (if you are lucky!) the Norfolk Hawker dragonfly and Swallowtail butterfly. Stop off at the visitor centre afterwards to enjoy refreshments.

How Hill Trust – Ludham

The How Hill Trust is based in an Edwardian thatched mansion which looks out over a 365 acre estate. This includes beautiful gardens, as well as an expanse of archetypal Broadland landscape. A main objective of the trust is the education of children about the Broads in conjuction with the Broads Authority (who own the nature reserve adjacent to How Hill).

Strumpshaw Fen Nature Reserve – Strumpshaw

This RSPB nature reserve offers a full range of Broadland habitats and wildlife. You can wander around the reedbeds, woodlands and orchard-filled meadows keeping your eyes peeled for marsh harriers, bitterns and kingfishers. ‘Activity rucksacks’ and guided walks for birdwatching beginners are on offer to keep children entertained.

Surlingham Church March Nature Reserve – Surlingham

You can enjoy a short circular walk around this RSPB nature reserve, wandering amongst the reedbeds, fens and pools. In the summer you can expect to be greeted by a riot of colour from wetland flowers, as well as the dulcet tones of hedge and reed warblers. In winter the flooded site attracts bitterns and shovelers.

Wheatfen Nature Reserve – Surlingham

This nature reserve is the home of the Ted Ellis Trust which is dedicated to preserving Wheatfen Broad – an area of special scientific interest. The reserve is well maintained to be easy accessible, in keeping with the trust’s main aim that the land and wildlife can be easily enjoyed by both adults and children alike.

Upton Broad and Marshes – Upton

Enjoy a walk in one of the UK’s top ten reserves for dragonfly spotting and count how many you can see!