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Birdwatching Tips

The Norfolk Broads are a great place for birdwatching. Here we’ve included some birdwatching tips for our guests who might want to consider the activity during their boating holiday with us. You can also find out more information about birdwatching and where to go to spot some of the county’s most elusive birds by visiting our article on Birdwatching in the Norfolk Broads here!

Birdwatching Tips:

  • Avoid disrupting birds in their natural habitat
  • Send your sightings to the Birdtrack website
  • Your ears are just as important as your eyes when spotting birds!
  • Stick to the existing view points and foot paths to avoid disturbing the wildlife
  • Never play recordings of bird calls to attract birds during breeding season
  • Remember to pack light refreshments – many nature reserves will have a visitor centre, but some may not
  • Take a small notepad and pen to record your sightings or use your smart phone
  • Be mindful before telling others about spotting a rare bird – contact the RSPB first who will make sure the bird is protected
  • The birds you spot may not always look exactly like they do in the books – keep an eye out for variations, such as having more or less feathers depending on the season!
  • Don’t get too close to the bird when taking a photograph
  • Be patient, and relax!

For more information and birdwatching tips, visit the RSPB or the Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

Stick to Foot Paths and View Points
Stick to Foot Paths and View Points


Pack Light Refreshments
Pack Light Refreshments


Take a Note Pad and Pen to Record Sights
Take a Note Pad and Pen to Record Sights