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Norfolk Broads Bridges

Be Mindful of Bridges

Wroxham, Potter Heigham, Beccles and Wayford all have low bridges through which some cruisers will not pass at any time. Where this applies, it is clearly shown in the boat description. These boats also display a notice on board, as a reminder. The pilots at Potter Heigham and Wroxham are the final judges of whether your boat may safely pass through this bridge (there is a charge for this). Water and tidal conditions may make bridges impassable to all cruisers at certain times. However this will not prevent you enjoying these places as there are moorings close-by and you may moor free of charge at any boatyard in the area so that you can explore the area on foot. On some cruisers you may need to lower the canopy and screens to navigate under certain bridges. Please be aware that this will leave parts of the interior open to the elements.

Navigation of Bridges

Bridge Heights:

Please follow these instructions when approaching every bridge:

1. Slow down!

2. Check bridge height clearance of your boat and always ensure you have enough space between sides and roof of bridge to pass through with ease. A marker gauge on either side of the bridge will indicate the height clearance of the bridge.

3. Approach every bridge with canopy and screen lowered.

4. Ensure that loose equipment is removed from cabin tops and remove tv aerial and store inside the boat.

5. No persons are allowed on cabin tops or decks whilst passing under bridge.

6. If you have any problems or are unsure of any procedures, please telephone your boatyard.

Navigation of Bridges

Navigation of Wroxham Bridge

You must use the Pilot service (Telephone 07775 297638) to navigate for you.

There will be a fee which is payable at reception on your return.

Navigation of Potter Heigham Bridge

You must use the Pilot service (Telephone 07990 686097) to navigate for you.

The fee will be payable to the Pilot.

Please note: navigation of both bridges is always at the pilots discretion.