Picnic Spots in the Broads National Park (and barebecues, too!)

The Broads National Park is an area of relaxation, whether that’s kicking back moored in a peaceful broad, exploring the local area with your family or enjoying some delicious treats. Here, we’ll look at some of the best picnic spots in the Broads National Park, and even a few barbecue spots, too!

Why not add picnic food to your suitcase list? The Norfolk Broads have many places to picnic when on a Norfolk Broads boat hire holiday.

Coltishall Common

Great for picnics

Coltishall is one of the prettiest places in the Broads, and incidentally is the limit of navigation for the northern stretch of the River Bure. This pretty little destination has a large, spacious green – perfect for setting up a picnic and enjoying a tasty picnic with the family. Plus, if you pick the right time of day you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the sunset from the beautiful green – one of the most perfect picnic spots in the Broads!


How Hill Trust

Great for picnics

How Hill Trust is home to the historic How Hill House, which sits within beautiful gardens. There is plenty of space to set up for a picnic within the trust’s beautiful surroundings, so why not moor up, explore the gardens and enjoy a tasty picnic whilst you’re at it?

How Hill House is a fantastic nature reserve for the children - make this your first stop on your 7-night family route in the Broads National Park.

Malthouse Broad

Perfect for barbecues

A popular spot for families, Malthouse Broad features a large green area not far from St Helen’s in Ranworth, the ‘Cathedral of the Broads’, and the unique floating wildlife centre. When barbecuing on the green, make sure not to place the barbecue directly on the ground – it should be on a stand or a concrete slab.


Ranworth Island

Perfect for barbecues

Not far from Malthouse Broad is Ranworth Island, secluded moorings with an area of green that provides a quiet and relaxing atmosphere for an afternoon barbecue. If you’ve hired a dinghy, it’s possible to ferry across to the main part of Ranworth and explore, for instance St Helens or the floating wildlife centre.

Consider Ranworth when looking for picnic spots in the Broads National Park?

Salhouse Broad

Perfect for barbecues

Salhouse Broad is a sheltered part of the Broads National Park system, and so makes it the perfect place for a secluded baebecue. The broad has fields surrounding it, popular with campers, and has a camping corner just a minute’s walk from the broadside. From here, set up your barbecue, enjoy some delicious food and watch the sun set over Salhouse Broad! Remember, don’t lay your barbecue directly on the ground.

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