Boating Holiday Top Tips!

If you are planning your first boating holiday this year then this article should be of interest to you, as it features our boating holiday top tips. Driving a boat really is easier than you may think and you will be given a full trial run demonstration when you arrive to ensure you are happy driving and controlling the boat before you head off on your adventure.

To help those of you who are planning their maiden voyage we asked our Facebook fans for some top tips and must takes. The tip we saw most was to take your time and enjoy! One of the best things about a Norfolk Broads boating holiday is just that; being able to set the pace of your own holiday. It is a relaxing experience with plenty of fun to be had too! Read on for our customer’s boating holiday top tips!

A few of the boating holiday top tips we received were:

  1. “Don’t rush, you have all the time I’m the world. Always wear your life jacket when mooring up. Respect the river and other boaters. Enjoy. It’s a brilliant holiday.”
  2. “My advice is at the end of your holiday book your next holiday before you leave, that way you don’t feel sad about having to go home cos you know you’ll be coming back (plus you can have a nosey at the boat you want next time).”
  3. “Moor early, 11.30 if you want to pull up next to a pub for lunch.”
  4. “If you’re taking a dog, buy cheap rubber car mats to make it less slippery for your dog jumping on and off the boat.”
  5. “Enjoy the whole experience, slow down and don’t rush anything.”
  6. “Just chill out…relax and enjoy, that’s all you need to do…”
  7. “Please, please, please wear a life jacket when on deck. Also do not drive the boat after sunset as it’s a bylaw offence and can carry a fine.”
  8. “Consider the river flow and wind when coming in to moor up. Take your time and don’t rush….you’ll only get flustered and make a hash of it. Listen to the marina staff…they know what they are talking about. We are back on the Broads in April for our 3rd time and still approach each day as a learning day. There’s no such thing as bad advice and finally but most importantly…Enjoy the experience…let’s face it…you’re on holiday!”
  9. “Enjoy the Broads and be friendly to the sailing boats by giving way as they’re out there too and wave to all on the Broads as it becomes a happier place.”
  10. “I’ve been many times…. My biggest and well-tried tip is ??????? HAVE FUN ENJOY IT”
  11. “If you moor up and there’s a water point – take advantage of it at every opportunity and top up your tank! Water points can get very busy and if you leave it to the last minute you may have to Q for a long time!”
  12. “Listen to the staff on the handover & take advice from the BA Rangers & Broadsbeat who patrol the network to make sure you have an enjoyable yet safe holiday in this lovely part of the world & wanting to return for more… don’t forget sunscreen shorts & shades!”
  13. “1st rule – pick your boat carefully, it can make all the difference to your holiday. Think about the weather – is it sunny and hot (do I want to be stuck at the wheel under cover?) Is there any privacy (space between bedrooms) Do I want to be queuing for the bathroom? How agile am I (can I get on & off easily?) The list goes on & on. Boating is fabulous!”


We also asked our friends on Facebook if there is anything they consider a must-take and some of the suggestions were:

  • Homemade stew
  • Tea and coffee
  • Torch
  • In-car phone charger
  • Colouring books, games and crayons
  • Camera
  • Yorkshire pudding tin

A boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads has something for everyone to enjoy and many holidaymakers find themselves coming back time and time again. We hope you feel the same! Hopefully these boating holiday top tips were helpful!

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